Store Departments

Produce, Dairy & Frozen, and Grocery Deparments remain available until the closing times of our supermarket.

Live Seafood, Meat, and the NP Kitchen may close at earlier hours depending on demands. Please allow yourself some time to come earlier and have our staff provide you with the best service on our fresh stock.


The produce section combines both fruits and vegetables into one place. You can find a variety of local products within this department as well as popular Asian selections for you to try.


How creative can we get with our cooking without this department? Find all the required spices to your delicacies, or grab a snack for your break time.

Dairy & Frozen

Of course, we need our most important meal of our day with milk! Perhaps, it might go well with the catch of the day brought to you in a package from overseas.

Fresh Meat

We clean, cut, and pack your fresh meat as our staff provides the best service in the supermarket. Don’t wait too long to get what you need as our staff prepares the meat early when they are really fresh!

Live Seafood

Live crabs and lobsters along with jumbo shrimps and abalogne can be found at our Live Seafood Deparment. Watch out! Crabs and lobsters can bite so please use our provided tools or ask our staff to help you collect those treasures from the sea.

NP Kitchen

Feeling hungry today? The NP kitchen is at your service! Stop by and find what is on the daily menu, including the all-time favourite BBQ pork made for all Asian cuisine.